Financial Assistance Information

Below are resources for athletes to obtain financial assistance for their club volleyball season

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Athletes who require financial assistance during the club season may consider applying for the following programs:

KidSport – KidSport may grant up to $400 towards registration fees.  The club information that is required for the application form is available on this sample form.

Athletics for Kids – Athletics for Kids operates similarly to KidSport and will coordinate with them.  It is recommended athletes requiring financial assistance apply for both.

BC Ferries Sport Experience Program – BC Ferries will provide travel support for not-for-profit organizations and athletes for Provincial, National, and International level events.

ViaSport – ViaSport offers a number of grant opportunities for youth athletes.  Check out their website here and here for more details.

Note:  As club fees are due January 15 for 16U and older athletes (January 22 for 15U and below), it is recommended that athletes apply for financial aid for their registration costs as soon as possible.  Athletes who have applied for financial aid towards their registration costs must do so prior to our registration fee deadline in order to be temporarily exempt from paying their fees.  Athletes must also submit proof of application for that financial aid, as well as a post-dated cheque for the registration amount dated March 1, 2020.

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Financial Assistance with VVA

Below are instructions for athletes to apply for financial assistance with VVA


To be eligible to apply for financial assistance directly from VVA, athletes must have already applied for assistance for their registration fees through a program such as KidSport or Athletics for Kids prior to our registration fee deadline.

If you meet this criteria, a $200 bursary may be available through VVA.  To apply for this bursary with VVA, athletes must e-mail (Subject line: VVA Bursary Application) with the following information:

  • A copy of their application for financial assistance through KidSport or similar organization, and
  • Any information regarding personal circumstances the athlete feels are applicable to their application (ie years spent with club, other family who are club members, previous financial support from the club, hardships not covered by the Kidsport or equivalent application form attached), and
  • Any further information you feel is important to your application.

Successful applicants will be contacted through e-mail.